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Leveraging nearly two decades of experience in design engineering, process management, systems integration, and procurement control, Connecticut-based UPC LLC is a leading global supplier of cost-effective, easily-deployed engineering solutions for complex assembly and research scenarios in high-value aerospace, stationary power, pharmaceutical, turbine, and rotating machinery applications.

We specialize in applying sophisticated yet simplified engineering at complex production assembly applications through globally-enabled systems that are unique in performance and value while defying obsolescence via superior migration and scalability architectures. Our flagship precision kitting solution, MAAG KIT, has been specifically designed to address mission-critical assembly applications in the aerospace, turbine, and rotating machinery industries by eliminating old “bin kitting” procedures with “modular at a glance” technology to provide optimized OEM and MRO hardware procurement and builds with the ultimate level of protection.

For laboratory environments in the pharmaceutical and stationary power industries, UPC’s ALPS line of precision, adjustable-length, position sensors effectively eliminates the “special order” requirement common with every other linear position sensor on the market today. Specifically designed to be used with almost any fume hood horizontal sash controller, ALPS sensors feature superior, patented technology with unbeatable economy and unmatched field configurability.

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